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Sexually Transmitted Infections

News Flash! Not all teens are having sex

Circle of FriendsJust because your friends say they’re “doing it” or it may seem like that’s all that teenagers talk about on TV and in the movies, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true. Lots of young people choose to delay sexual intercourse until they are older.

Are you sure you really know how to use a condom?

Putting on a condom correctly is not as easy as you might think. Check out this interesting article about errors in condom use: Condom errors 'common worldwide'

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What the heck is a dental dam?

Originally used by dentists as a protective measure during dental surgery, dental dams are a latex protective barrier used during oral sex performed on a woman, or they can be used for rimming.

The oral sex section of our website provides more information.

Kiss Me Deadly Comic Book

Kiss Me Deadly Comic Book LaunchA comic book addressing youth sexuality was launched by the Department of Health and Social Services on April 21, 2011. Kiss Me Deadly reflects a frank presentation of the realities facing youth as they make tough decisions around their sexuality.

Did you know that the rate of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in the Northwest Territories is up to 12x higher than the rest of Canada?

This is why it is especially important for northern youth to learn about safer sex practices. Check out the STI section on this website to learn more about how you can prevent STIs.


Interesting Condom Fact:

Did you know that condoms have been around for a very long time?  Condom use can be traced back several thousand years.

Protect Yourself from Cervical Cancer – Get more information on this site:

There are some interesting online videos available from the BC Centre for Disease Control. The videos are located on the right hand side of the screen.

Did you know condoms come in a female version as well?

Find out about female condoms and how they are used at:



There are many myths out there about sex, STIs & pregnancy. Learn the facts.

Check out this website for myths and fact on pregnancy. Some of them might surprise you!

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