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News Flash! Not all teens are having sex

Circle of FriendsJust because your friends say they’re “doing it” or it may seem like that’s all that teenagers talk about on TV and in the movies, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true. Lots of young people choose to delay sexual intercourse until they are older.

Are you sure you really know how to use a condom?

Putting on a condom correctly is not as easy as you might think. Check out this interesting article about errors in condom use: Condom errors 'common worldwide'

How exactly does pregnancy happen?

Check out this informative & entertaining video from Planned Parenthood about “How Pregnancy Happens”

Birth Control – which method is the best for you?

Through the ages many methods have been tried all over the world to prevent pregnancy.  In ancient times women would try inserting half a lemon into their vaginas to attempt to kill sperm! Of course, this did not work.  Also, it was thought that applying elephant dung would help prevent the joining of sperm & egg!

Did you know condoms come in a female version as well?

Find out about female condoms and how they are used at:



There are many myths out there about sex, STIs & pregnancy. Learn the facts.

Check out this website for myths and fact on pregnancy. Some of them might surprise you!

Birth Control Pills provide protection against pregnancy but women still need to use condoms as well.

Provided that the pills are taken correctly (about the same time of day, every day, without missing any pills), the birth control pill will provide very good protection against pregnancy.  The failure rate of the birth control pill is about 1% per year if taken correctly.  This means that 1 woman out of every 100 taking the pill for one year will become pregnant.  Compare this to women not using birth control, where 80-85 out of 100 will become pregnant during

Condoms always come in square packages, right?

Not necessarily!  Condoms are now being marketed in new, fun ways. "One" condom company is a company that is marketing "next generation" condoms and giving you an opportunity to share your design ideas. "One" condoms have been spotted in some stores around the NWT - check them out!



Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly

Exciting news! Take a look at the new NWT Youth Sexual Health Comic Book: “Kiss Me Deadly”. 

Condom Demo Please

Putting on a condom correctly is harder than it looks.

Check out this great demonstration of how to correctly put on a condom. Take some time to practice!

Condom Demo

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