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Some relationships are just not healthy

Some relationships are just not healthyIf you:

Are obsessed with your next encounter.
Panic when your partner’s not around.
Suspect your partner does not have your best interests at heart.
Perhaps it’s time you broke up with tobacco.

Sex, Drugs and Alcohol

What do you know about mixing drugs or alcohol and sex? Many acts of sexual assault involve drinking or doing drugs. Sometimes one person will sexually assault another after both have gotten drunk or high together. After the victim has passed out, the other person assaults the victim while he or she is unable to say “no”.  Remember – not saying “no”, isn’t saying “yes”! This type of crime is a common form of sexual abuse in the NWT.


Want to learn more about how local communities in the NWT have taken action against drug and substance abuse issues?

NOT US! is an initiative of the Department of Justice. It provides funds to communities to design their own anti-drug campaigns. Have a look at this website for more information http://not-us.ca/

Did you know that when a woman is pregnant – everything she eats or drinks affects the baby growing inside her body?

That's why it is especially important for pregnant women to avoid harmful substances like drugs and alcohol during pregnancy. If you are having unprotected sex, you might be pregnant and not know it. It is important to know if you are pregnant so you can make healthy choices to protect your baby.

Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly

Exciting news! Take a look at the new NWT Youth Sexual Health Comic Book: “Kiss Me Deadly”. 

Peer pressure is always tough to deal with, especially when it comes to sex.

Some teenagers decide to have sexual relationships because their friends think sex is cool. Others feel pressured by the person they are dating. Still others find it easier to give in and have sex than to try to explain why not. Some teenagers get caught up in the romantic feelings and believe having sex is the best way they can prove their love.

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