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How exactly does pregnancy happen?

Check out this informative & entertaining video from Planned Parenthood about “How Pregnancy Happens”

Did you know that the rate of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in the Northwest Territories is up to 12x higher than the rest of Canada?

This is why it is especially important for northern youth to learn about safer sex practices. Check out the STI section on this website to learn more about how you can prevent STIs.


Interesting Condom Fact:

Did you know that condoms have been around for a very long time?  Condom use can be traced back several thousand years.

NWT Outstanding Volunteer Awards

Do you know an outstanding volunteer in your community who deserves recognition? Every spring, the GNWT recognizes outstanding achievements by volunteers. There are four categories for nomination – youth, individual, elder and group. For more information about volunteerism and this award,  go to the Proud2bNWT youth website portal. Nominate someone today!

Birth Control – which method is the best for you?

Through the ages many methods have been tried all over the world to prevent pregnancy.  In ancient times women would try inserting half a lemon into their vaginas to attempt to kill sperm! Of course, this did not work.  Also, it was thought that applying elephant dung would help prevent the joining of sperm & egg!

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