Stress and Mental Health

Man in stress

At times, we all feel stressed, depressed, sad, and angry – it is a normal part of life! But sometimes these feelings don’t leave. When this happens, it can affect our lives – our school work, family, friendships, and relationships. When we feel this way we may not enjoy things we used to do – like sports, video games and hanging out with friends. Sometimes, things can feel so bad that we think about suicide.

If you or one of your friends have been feeling stressed, depressed or angry and just can’t seem to shake it, you need to reach out and get help. Talk to someone you trust – like a close family member, school counsellor, teacher, social worker, youth worker or community counsellor.

If you or a friend has been having thoughts of suicide it is important that you get help right away. Don’t be afraid to talk to a friend if you are feeling suicidal – talking can help you or your friend to feel better. It also gives you or your friend a chance to get help.

If you can’t find someone you trust to talk to, call either the NWT Help Line or the Kids Help Phone. Both lines are free and anonymous – the helper on the other end of the telephone will not know who you are or where you are calling from.

NWT Help Line – (867) 920-2121 (Yellowknife)
or 1-800-661-0844 (across the NWT)

Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868

The Kids Help Phone also has a cool website with lots of information about issues you or your friends might be facing. Check it out at:

Kids Help Phone

Also, check out these other websites for more information on mental health and suicide:

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