Top Dating DON’Ts For Single Men

Top Dating DON’Ts For Single Men

Dating skills can be learned. Yes, it is possible to get better at dates. However, from where you choose to lean is completely up to you. We do not guarantee 100% success however if you try the tips given by the fabulous Alpha M in this video, you are most definitely going to get better:


Some of the important points that he has mentioned in his video can also be learned from a summary we are going to provide now:

Top Dating Don’t For Single Men

Clean your car before driving it to your date

If you do not keep your car clean and polished, it’s time that you get it cleaned. By any chance, your date went well and it comes down to you taking her to your place, a filthy car is an instant turn-off.

You wouldn’t want your possible girl to just ditch you after agreeing to go with you. Girls like clean surroundings and if your car’s front seat has Cheetos and popcorns sprinkled, you are doomed.

Never Be Late

Time is the essence and if you are late, it is kind of disrespectful. Being a guy, we should avoid these early disappointments – we’ve have got a lifetime for them. If you are late, she’d think you are not that much into her or, you are not even serious about the date. can help you in setting up a beautiful date.

Don’t Brag About Yourself

Another dating don’t that Alpha M. has talked about in his video is how you should never be bragging anything about yourself. Even if you are a surgeon and have saved poor kids from dying, you don’t have to go on and on about it. Of course, in order to score some brownie points, you should put the point across with a subtle manner.

Don’t Enforce Your Thoughts Onto Them

Manscaping is the biggest turnoff you can give away. If you have strong thoughts about something, keep them to yourself. Be calm and listen to what she/he has to say. Appreciate them for their individual opinions. Things can go south very easily if you are adamant enough. Remember what you are there for. Make certain sacrifices if you have to.

Don’t Keep Talking About Your Ex

Girls hate the guys who keep talking about their past experiences. Sometimes, it is best to keep your past at distance. Bringing your past relationships in the conversations will only make your date doubt on their decision. If you really want them to know about your past, save it for the 2nd or 3rd date – if it comes to that.

We hope these points will make your dating life a bit easier. Make sure to follow Alpha M. on youtube. His videos are very helpful and entertaining.